Mask and Respirator Testing

AccuTrust Laboratories Ltd. (AccuTrust Labs) provides testing services to health care, government and private sector organizations who wish to ensure the products they have meet the standards they require.

Whether you would like testing performed on raw goods from your suppliers before you start manufacturing or you would like to test samples of finished goods, we can assist to ensure your supplier is providing you products that meet national and international standards.

Quality and Standards

AccuTrust Labs will ensure accurate and timely analytical results and services and to continuously meet or exceed the requirements of our clients. 
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In-House Testing Lab

Our in-house state-of-the-art laboratory adheres to ISO 17025:2017. This enables us to test raw materials coming in and finished products going out by measuring five key parameters in accordance with ASTM, NIOSH and EN standards.
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Mask and Material Testing

AccuTrust Labs provides high standard testing of Medical Device Class 1 Procedural Masks and Respirators from raw materials to finished products.
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